Book Thieves taken down and off market by Trey Smith on 9-23-2015. Over the years, numerous movie offers were made on this book. I never pursued those.....

I am taking the book down of my own accord -- I don't feel it represents who I am today. Nor, do I feel it is glorifing to the Lord. September 23rd 2015 (Yom Kippur -- Day of Atonement)

~ Trey Smith


Thieves Summary

Thieves is the true story (nonfiction narrative) about the safe robbery of the multi-millionaire television evangelist, Mike Murdock. Witnessing first-hand some of the most shockingly depraved acts and blatant corruption in the secretive world of "profit-preaching" Christianity; Trey takes you on the journey through his decisions, planning and ultimate execution of stealing the well-known minister's tightly guarded safe. After the robbery, it is a gripping thrill ride of the most engagingly unique kind: A man on the run from a TV preacher.